Two Year Old Ranch Riding

Horse Owner Rider Shows Points
1    KR Sassy N Diamonds Harva Leigh Lambert Quintana Garcia 4 39.00
2    Booms A Chic Man Nancy Burke Ashley T. Peterson 1 32.00
Wimpys Sassy Cat Craig Brewer Ben Bowman 1 32.00
3    Red Hot Terms Kathy Fitzpatrick Kathy Fitzpatrick 3 31.00
4    Check Out My Sparks Karla Switzer Karla Switzer 1 26.00
5    Docs Lil Tader Kelsey Boone Grace Claus
Kelsey Boone
4 25.00
6    Miss Nicadual Dean Faber Jennifer Beyer 1 22.00
7    Miss GB Booneshine Sanders, Darrell andSuzy Martin Schwartz 2 16.00
8    JV Smarts Sage Olena Lee and Alic VanVuren David DeWell 1 11.00
9    Chicsshinentherain Pope, Dennis and Joy Amanda Pope 3 10.00
10    Heza Lil Catty Adam Thomas Adam Thomas 1 4.00
11    Nico B Spinin Lee-Anne Voight Jesse Walker 1 3.00
12    Little Dry Run Julie Stanley Julie Stanley 1 2.00
Hazel Kendall Johnson Kendall Johnson 1 2.00
Horse: KR Sassy N Diamonds
Owner: Harva Leigh Lambert
Rider: Quintana Garcia
Shows: 4
Horse: Booms A Chic Man
Owner: Nancy Burke
Rider: Ashley T. Peterson
Shows: 1
Horse: Wimpys Sassy Cat
Owner: Craig Brewer
Rider: Ben Bowman
Shows: 1
Horse: Red Hot Terms
Owner: Kathy Fitzpatrick
Rider: Kathy Fitzpatrick
Shows: 3
Horse: Check Out My Sparks
Owner: Karla Switzer
Rider: Karla Switzer
Shows: 1
Horse: Docs Lil Tader
Owner: Kelsey Boone
Rider: Grace Claus
Kelsey Boone
Shows: 4
Horse: Miss Nicadual
Owner: Dean Faber
Rider: Jennifer Beyer
Shows: 1
Horse: Miss GB Booneshine
Owner: Sanders, Darrell andSuzy
Rider: Martin Schwartz
Shows: 2
Horse: JV Smarts Sage Olena
Owner: Lee and Alic VanVuren
Rider: David DeWell
Shows: 1
Horse: Chicsshinentherain
Owner: Pope, Dennis and Joy
Rider: Amanda Pope
Shows: 3
10  Horse: Heza Lil Catty
Owner: Adam Thomas
Rider: Adam Thomas
Shows: 1
11  Horse: Nico B Spinin
Owner: Lee-Anne Voight
Rider: Jesse Walker
Shows: 1
12  Horse: Little Dry Run
Owner: Julie Stanley
Rider: Julie Stanley
Shows: 1
Horse: Hazel
Owner: Kendall Johnson
Rider: Kendall Johnson
Shows: 1

Last Updated 5 Dec 2019


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