ARHA 2019 - Two & Under Geldings

Horse Owner Rider Shows Points
1    Booms A Chic Man Nancy Burke Ashley T. Peterson 1 14.00
Tender ID Titan Marianne Cox Marianne Cox 2 14.00
2    Red Hot Terms Kathy Fitzpatrick Kathy Fitzpatrick 2 11.00
Chase Me To The Top Judy Guenther Barry Fagerstrom
Judy Guenther
3 11.00
3    My Chex Is Good Sherrie Osborne Sherrie Osborne 1 10.00
4    Zans Smokin Ash Raylynn Steele Raylynn Steele 4 8.00
Kid Clu Affair Lisa Tyler Misty Berg 1 8.00
5    Eyes To The Maker Salmon, Bryon and Pamela Mona Prater 1 2.00
Horse: Booms A Chic Man
Owner: Nancy Burke
Rider: Ashley T. Peterson
Shows: 1
Horse: Tender ID Titan
Owner: Marianne Cox
Rider: Marianne Cox
Shows: 2
Horse: Red Hot Terms
Owner: Kathy Fitzpatrick
Rider: Kathy Fitzpatrick
Shows: 2
Horse: Chase Me To The Top
Owner: Judy Guenther
Rider: Barry Fagerstrom
Judy Guenther
Shows: 3
Horse: My Chex Is Good
Owner: Sherrie Osborne
Rider: Sherrie Osborne
Shows: 1
Horse: Zans Smokin Ash
Owner: Raylynn Steele
Rider: Raylynn Steele
Shows: 4
Horse: Kid Clu Affair
Owner: Lisa Tyler
Rider: Misty Berg
Shows: 1
Horse: Eyes To The Maker
Owner: Salmon, Bryon and Pamela
Rider: Mona Prater
Shows: 1

Last Updated 20 Jan 2020


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